Workshops & Presentations

"Ensuring Your Wishes For Their Future" teaches families how to prepare for the financial future of their child, or other dependent, with special needs. The primary objective of the workshop is to introduce attendees to strategies geared towards helping their dependent maintain eligibility for government benefits, while meeting the needs for lifetime of care and quality of life issues. The workshop covers Estate Planning, Guardianship, Wills and Trusts, and Letters of Intent.


And for 501(c)(3) Organizations…

We’ve developed a presentation entitled “Ensuring Your Wishes For Their Future” that can be presented to your constituents in hopes of enhancing the charitable giving to your organization. Help your members help you by showing them how to leverage their contributions to create a lasting legacy.  

There is no fee to host a workshop.

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Also, please know that we would welcome your call with any questions or requests at (414) 203-1932.